Friday, November 06, 2009

Should Women Embrace or Reject Chic Cycling?

Carfree USA is fascinated by the discussion going on between women in our community.

The conversation has two very distinct arguments.

Biker Chicks of West Chester argues... "all those Bike Chic websites, do us all a favor and show some real women exercising."

In response, Change Your Life, Ride a Bike responds "I do not feel exploited, I am not objectifying myself and I am fully aware that I am the equal of any person out there."

Where do you stand on this issue?


Anonymous said...

Frankly, I think the sport cyclist costume is the silly one. What's with spandex and all that advertising on your clothes?

Jolie said...

This seems like a debate between two bike cultures. Weekend exercise cyclists and urban bike commuters. Not sure feminism is really the correct issue. Can't we all just get along?

Karilyn said...

I love the feeling of zipping past some lycra-clad loser on his $3000 bike when i am in a dress! But living in the desert makes me appreciate my sleeveless poly jerseys for those long rides when i take fresh clothes to change into at work too...

I always say, "Do what feels good to you!"

Anonymous said...

I think that the idea that women in skirts or heels, or sneakers and jeans, are not "real women" is false. but i understand the sentiment and where it comes from. the biker chicks are correct, you can't do a 60-mile ride in heels, and they'd like to see "real women...excercising." but what about those of us who live in the city, who are commuting to a dozen places within a few miles of eachother durring the day? we are commuting, we are having fun, we are riding cheap bikes, and we are not spewing CO2. and we are excercising, incidentally. there is plenty of room for both kinds of riders!

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Adrienne Johnson said...


You say "you can't do a 60-mile ride in heels"

I say- read this

I think that might change your perspective a bit : )