Monday, June 30, 2008

US/UK Oil Companies Declare Victory in Iraq

The war for oil in Iraq is over.

US and UK oil interests won.

Iraq opened its giant oilfields to foreign firms on Monday, putting British and U.S. companies in pole position five years after U.S.-led troops invaded the country to oust Saddam Hussein.

One can assume these foriegn companies will receive the same welcome as they get in places like Nigeria.

Reports from the Nigerian military suggest the incident at Bonny Island over the weekend may have been the result of a clash between army personnel and a group of gunmen, and that four people were killed. There has been a marked escalation in violence in the oil producing region in recent weeks with numerous clashes reported between rival militant groups. However, the minister sought to play down fears that the quantity of crude oil suspended as a result of deteriorating security is reaching a crisis point for the country, which recently lost its place as Africa's biggest oil producing nation to neighboring Angola.
Dow Jones

Luckily foreign oil companies in Iraq will be protected by US troops for the next 100 years.

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fpteditors said...

Mission accomplished. But who will dare to work for them?